History of Lyndhurst

The History of Lyndhurst


2008 – present: Mr Andrew Reid

1984 – 2008: Mr Michael Spilberg

1970 – 1984: Mr Bob Stewart

1956 – 1970: Mr Warner Wilcox

1952 – 1956: Mr Monty Welland

In 1952 the owner of 24 Lyndhurst Gardens, Vernon Davies, decided to open a Prep School called Lyndhurst House. At the time, Davies was running the building as a tutorial school for Civil Service examinations. He noticed there was demand in the local area for regular schooling and so a handful of seven and eight year olds were recruited to attend the new School.

The Prep School operated on the lower floors, with Vernon Davies as Headmaster, while the tutorial school, under Monty Welland, continued at the top of the building. Although Davies was the titular Headmaster, it was Wheeler Wilcox, a teacher, who had much of the day-to-day responsibility and was instrumental in building up the School.

Vernon Davies’s premature death in November 1952 led to the appointment of Monty Welland as Head of both the Prep School and the tutorial school. In 1956, Welland and his tutorial school moved out of the building and Wilcox became Head of the rapidly enlarging Prep School. Under his charge, the School increased in size, and acquired a growing reputation.

Wilcox left in 1970 to run his own Prep School – North Bridge House – and was succeeded by Bob Stewart, who was Headmaster for 14 years like his predecessor. During Stewart’s reign, the school became a charitable trust, the freehold of the building was bought and the school gym extension was built with help from a parent appeal. 

In 1984, Michael Spilberg took over as Headmaster. He and his family lived in a flat on the top floor of the school where our staff room and staff kitchen are now situated. In 1992, the School was acquired by the Loveridge family, who are still the current owners. In 2006, the School admitted boys into the Pre-Prep for the first time.

In 2008, Andrew Reid, our current headmaster, took over from Michael Spilberg. A year later, the School built an extension of the lower ground floor dining room. In 2016, more structural changes were made when the School developed the lower ground floor to accommodate a new library and music classroom.

We look forward to celebrating our 70th Anniversary in 2022.