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Fixtures this Week

Our year 5 & 6 boys got their first outing of the season against a strong opponent, in the shape of Keble Prep. 

U11 A-D vs. Keble

Every boy was given the opportunity to take part in 7-aside matches on a sunny afternoon at Chase Lodge. Kicking things off with the A team, the boys played some superb football at times, passing and moving the ball around with confidence. Unfortunately we were outdone by set pieces and some quick counter attacks late on and ending up losing 4-3. Moving on to the B side, which was made up of Year 5 boys only. They put in plenty of effort, but came unstuck defensively at times. They went on to lose 6-3. Our C team got the best result of the afternoon, fighting hard to earn a 0-0 draw. Finally we had our D side who, despite their best efforts, went on to lose 5-0. 

U11 v Keble