News Highlights

Lyndhurst Grey Shirt Project

It was announced to all parents towards the end of last term that from September Lyndhurst boys would have a change of school shirts, from grey to a lovely blue check. We are now three weeks into the year and the boys are all looking very smart indeed!

Shortly after the news, two of our mums came forward with a wonderful idea they called the ‘Lyndhurst Grey Shirt Project’. The aim of this project was to find a home for the shirts, and a good way to reuse them...

They wanted to reduce waste, reduce pollution and help out families in other parts of the world who may struggle to afford new clothing for their children. Happily everyone was willing to help out and get on board, and we hope it will be the first of more similar projects.

The result? We shipped about 200 shirts to Malawi and about 250 shirts to Cambodia! Another parent kindly donated boxes for the shipment to Cambodia. And we are looking forward to receiving pictures of our shirts when they find their new happy homes, we will keep you posted!

We want to thank all parents for their efforts and to thank the freight broker who gave us a better price as he was also a Lyndhurst boy 18 years ago.