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Prize Day

Although different to previous years, we still had two lovely ceremonies for Prize Day this year. 

Each boy who received a prize walked up to Mr Reid on stage and gave him an elbow bump, they then received their book prizes in the classroom.

Each boy in the Pre-Prep received a prize. In Reception prizes included effort, perseverance, self motivation, love of learning and bravery. In Year 1 prizes included enthusiasm for reading, progress in writing, progress in maths, sportsmanship and enthusiasm in music. In Year 2 prizes included progress, achievement, sport, contribution to the group, music, project and art.

In Year 3 to 5 prizes were awarded for achievement, effort, contribution to the group, ICT and PE.

In our Senior ceremony, parents of leavers were able to attend to see their sons receive cups, trophies and book prizes.

Reception Prizes:

Year 3 Prizes:

Year 4 Prizes:

Year 5 Prizes:

Senior Prizes: