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Sports Leaders Week

We had our first Sports Leaders Week of the calendar year, with both our Junior and Senior Sports Leaders getting the opportunity to lead PE lessons for their year groups and those in the pre-prep. 

Starting with the junior leaders, Year 5 led hockey drills covering possession, shooting and dribbling. Year 6 Leaders also led hockey drills, covering attack vs. defence, high-pressure and team play. Our Year 7 Leaders refereed the hockey tournament confidently. 

Our Year 8 Senior Sports Leaders were given the opportunity to teach boys in the pre-prep, as well as teaching their own year group. Reception class were coached through a couple of rugby games. Year 1 were introduced to touch rugby. Finally, the Year 2 boys covered all aspects of rugby. The pre-prep boys loved having the seniors teach them and will look forward to this again next term, covering different sports. Very well done to all the Senior Sports Leaders for coming up with their own lesson plans and conducting themselves impeccably.

Hockey Drills