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NEW! After School Care

From Monday 26th April, we will be providing after school care until 6pm which will be available for pupils in all year groups. 

Mar 22nd, 2021

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International Women's Day

After months of remote learning, we returned to school along with the rest of the nation on Monday 8th March - International Women's Day. 

Mar 16th, 2021

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Lockdown Bake Off

Our catering company have developed a “Lockdown Bake Off” challenge which our pupils and staff are invited to take part in. 

Mar 1st, 2021

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No Screens Day

We gave our pupils and teachers a break from their screens for a day. Instead, our pupils took part in a space-themed project.

Feb 26th, 2021

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Snow Day!

Following a snowy Sunday, our Key Worker children enjoyed playing on a snow covered playground.

Jan 26th, 2021

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