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Common Entrance Results

Congratulations to all of our Year 8 boys who have successfully passed their Common Entrance exams with some very impressive grades.  They are all safely into their chosen senior schools:.City of London, Haileybury, King Edward's School Bath, Mill Hill, North Bridge House Canonbury, Teddington School, and Westminster.

Vocab Express Global Challenge

From Wednesday 7th March to Tuesday 13th March the School will be competing in the Vocab Express Global Challenge against other schools from around the world. The programme is an excellent way to learn vocabulary and grammar for Common Entrance and Scholarship in French, Latin and Greek. All boys in Years 5-8 have usernames and passwords and can participate at home. Let's try and beat our impressive second place in the World Piccolo Cup in 2016!

House Points

Hawkins were this week's winners, and they are in 2nd place overall with 6,123 behind Grenville who have 6.512 but ahead of Drake who have 5,506.

Snow Forecast

A decision over whether the school will be open tomorrow morning is unlikely to be made until tomorrow morning - at which point we will let you know as early as we can, and in any case by 7.30.  If you do not hear anything then you can assume that the School is open as normal.  If there is snow on the pavements and roads, please take care, especially on local roads, and avoid driving up or down Lyndhurst Gardens.

Vocab Express Global Challenge

For the second year running, Years 6, 7 and 8 competed in the Vocab Express Global Challenge. Once again, it was a fiercely fought out contest with double the amount of schools from around the world all competing for top spots. Vocab Express allows pupils to learn Common Entrance vocabulary whilst completing a range of games; they cannot move to the next level until the vocabulary is memorised! Overall, Lyndhurst gained a commendable 11th place with a number of international and senior schools taking the top spots. In both Latin and Greek, we achieved an impressive fourth position.

House Points

For the first time this term, Grenville have taken the overall lead with 8995, ahead of Hawkins with 8950 and Drake with 8945. The combined total of 26,890 is steadily approaching the target for the term of 35.000.

Thursday 3rd September

We look forward to seeing everyone at the start of next term on Thursday 3rd September.

Sports Days

Well done to everyone who was involved in the two Sports Days earlier this week.

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News Highlights

Lyndhurst Grey Shirt Project

It was announced to all parents towards the end of last term that from September Lyndhurst boys would have a change of school shirts, from grey to a lovely blue check. We are now three weeks into the year and the boys are all looking very smart indeed!

Shortly after the news, two of our mums came forward with a wonderful idea they called the ‘Lyndhurst Grey Shirt Project’. The aim of this project was to find a home for the shirts, and a good way to reuse them...


Sep 26th, 2019