Parental Involvement

The Lyndhurst House parent body is very positive and friendly and the School works in close partnership with parents.

Parents are always welcome to contact the School to raise any matters they wish to discuss. The first point of contact will normally be the Class Teacher, who may refer them to the Subject Teacher or, if appropriate, to the Headmaster.

The Headmaster regularly meets parents at events at the School and is always glad to see parents over individual issues if they wish.

General information about the School is conveyed to parents by a weekly Newsletter, "The Bulletin" and by other communications from time to time.

Individual information about each boy is contained in termly reports and half-termly Grades.

There are regular Parents' Evenings for each year group so parents can discuss their son's progress directly with teachers. Appointments at other times can easily be made through the School Office.

Parents are encouraged to attend School matches, plays and concerts, in which their sons take part.

In accepting a place at Lyndhurst House, parents agree to accept the School's aims and ethos, subscribe to the School's values, and uphold its requirements of attendance and its rules.

Friends of Lyndhurst

An informal Parents' Association exists. The aims of the Friends of Lyndhurst are as follows:

  • To encourage social interaction between parents
  • To help with fund-raising for the School's chosen charities
  • To assist the School in communications and to encourage a strong flow of ideas
  • To assist the School with second-hand uniform.

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News Highlights

Pre-Prep Sports Day!

Pre-Prep held their Sports Day last Tuesday afternoon on Hampstead Heath.

We had been watching the weather anxiously for days. Would we be facing 32˚ of heat? Would we be dodging severe thunderstorms? Would the ground be soggy or dry? All options were considered and plans made. As it happened the day was warm and cloudy, the ground dry enough to sit on, and the forecast promised it would stay that way.


Jul 1st, 2019