Staff List

Senior Management Team

Headmaster Mr Andrew Reid, MA (Oxon), PGCE
Deputy Head Academic & Director of Studies Mrs Patricia Dicks, BA (Univ of S. Africa), Higher Dip. Ed (Natal)
Deputy Head Pastoral & Head of Lower School Miss Bernie Conway, B.Ed (Southbank)
Head of Pre-Prep & Director of Assessment  Mrs Lisa Mays, BA (Plymouth), PGCE
Head of Lower School Ms Bernie Conway, B.Ed (Southbank)
Senior Master Mr Tony Herd, B.Sc (Sunderland), PGCE

Class Teachers

Reception Miss Maddison Bruhn, B.Ed (Edith Cowan)
Year One Mrs Lisa Mays, BA (Plymouth), PGCE
Year Two Mrs Angela Byron, BA, M.Ed (Sao Paolo), Dip. En (London)
Year Three Miss Stacey Bowman, B.Ed (Southern Cross)
Year Four Mr Stephen Hughes, B.Ed (Wolverhampton)
Year Five Mrs Elizabeth Campbell, BA (Durham), PGCE

Heads of Department

English Mrs Pat Dicks, BA (Univ of S. Africa), Higher Dip. Ed (Natal)
Mathematics (& 7L) Mrs Jane Lihou, B.SC (Monash), Dip.Ed
Science (& 8H) Mr Tony Herd, B.Sc (Sunderland), PGCE
French (& 7E) Mr Nicholas Tickell, BA (Leicester), PGCE
Classics (& 6H) Dr Konstantina Haidou, MA (UCL), PhD (SOAS)
History & Games (& 6C) Mr Hadleigh Cameron, BA (Massey), G.Dip.Ed (Dunedin)

Geography, RS & Games (& 8C)

Mr Alastair Cook, BA (Birmingham), PGCE
Music Mr Brendan Linnane, BA (Dundalk), PDE
Art Mr Michael Hempstead, BA (Camberwell), PGCE
P.E. & I.C.T.  Mr Martin Hoar

Teaching Assistants

Year Three Amy Jo-Taylor, NVQ L3
Year Two Mr Chris Lowe, BA (Middlesex) 
Year One Miss Shannon Moulton-Emanuel, NVQ L3
Reception Miss Emilia Galabova, NVQ L3
Year Four/Five & Sports Mr Alvaro Guerrero Fernandez, BA. Ed. (Valladolid)

Learning Support

Head of Learning Support Miss Elizabeth Norman, BA (Oxon), PGCE

Peripatetic Music Staff

Drums Mr Christopher Jones, Higher Diploma (ICM, London)
Guitar Mr Joel Sopel
Piano Mr Maciej Raginia, MMP (Guildhall), BMus (RCM)
Singing Miss Anna Higgs
Brass Mr Henry Spencer, BMus (Guildhall)
Violin Mr Tzu-Fan Tang, BMus (SA College of Music), MMus (RCM)
Woodwind Mr George Crowley, BA (Cambridge), M.Mus (RAM)

Administrative Staff

Registrar Mrs Dawn Lewis
Office Manager Mrs Christine Santos
Reception and Marketing Miss Abi Price
Catering Manager Ms Karina Pearson

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News Highlights

Lyndhurst Grey Shirt Project

It was announced to all parents towards the end of last term that from September Lyndhurst boys would have a change of school shirts, from grey to a lovely blue check. We are now three weeks into the year and the boys are all looking very smart indeed!

Shortly after the news, two of our mums came forward with a wonderful idea they called the ‘Lyndhurst Grey Shirt Project’. The aim of this project was to find a home for the shirts, and a good way to reuse them...


Sep 26th, 2019